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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Any bodily movement that requires energy is considered as physical activity however exercise is a subterm of physical activity which includes patterned and repetitive activities like walking, cycling, swimming…etc. which are practised as a means to achieve physical fitness. They provide long term health benefits when practised in moderate and vigorous-intensity under proper guidance.

Well-being is defined as a combination of determinants of health. Steady and regular activity drives away the sedentary lifestyle thus building the strength in the Musculoskeletal system and boosts the endurance. Studies have shown that physical activity enhances the mental health by the activation of the neural networks through the release of the Neurotransmitters like dopamine (a happy hormone), Nor-epinephrine (hormone of alertness) and reduces the secretion of serotonin (stress hormone). The practice of physical activity outdoors especially in groups is an opportunity for the social contacts and builds the inter-personal relationships which can aid social inclusion by improving people confidence and competence in interacting with others.

Cell - the structural and fundamental unit of the body determines the health of an individual. Physical activity has a stunning impact on the mitochondrial capacity of the body. Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell has many more functions –regulation of cell membrane potential and cellular metabolism. Exercise has a remarkable effect on the muscle cells too. Release of Myokines at the muscular level helps in reducing the inflammation and decrease the progression of the disease. Apart from this, physical activity nurtures all the cells in the body. This enhancement of cellular mechanism is achieved by the practice of exercise involving bodily stretches in coordination with the breath.

Physical activity is a regular part of life to live but by practising it along with exercise in a well-structured and planned manner helps to achieve the exceptional benefits. The drop in physical activity is partly due to inaction during leisure time and sedentary on the job and at home.

Implementing it as a lifestyle modification than portraying it as a duty by starting with small activities to gradual progression and aiming for the realistic goals makes it more pleasurable.

Toxins are the harmful substances produced in the living cells which destroys the cellular mechanism. Excretion of toxins brings in homeostasis. This is obtained in two ways. Primarily the enhancement of the circulation causes the removal of unwanted matter from the bloodstream to the lymphatic system which drains out by perspiration and phagocytic activity. Secondarily breathing washes out the toxins through the exchange of gases.

It is proven that physical activity decreases the risk of non-communicable disease. The recommended duration of the physical activity is categorized based on the age of the individual.

Vitality or immunity is termed as body capacity in avoiding to fall prey for the microorganism. The practice of physical activity influence healthiness by altering the metabolic state and the immune system. Parameters such as intensity and duration of activity determine the effect on the immune system. The literature presents that exercise of moderate-intensity promotes protection against infection caused by intracellular micro-organisms acting through cell mediated immunity. High-intensity activities cause an increase in the anti-inflammatory cytokines which reduces damage to muscular tissue resulting from inflammation. It may also cause an increase in the susceptibility to infections. It is never too late to start physical activity.

Take time listen to your body and plan activities to reach your goals as lack of activity deteriorates health whereas preserving it attains harmony.

"स्वास्थ्य अवलम्बना से स्वावलम्बना "

"Self Reliance through Self Health Reliance "

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