Physiotherapy & Yoga Treatments for Frozen Shoulder


  • Shoulder Mobilization - Joint mobilization, including Maitland's oscillatory techniques and Kaltenborn's sustained stretch technique, is used clinically to treat adhesive capsulitis. The purpose of the mobilizing exercise therapy for a frozen shoulder is primarily to increase shoulder movement by stretching the glenohumeral joint capsule.

  • Shoulder ROM Exercises - This refers to the range of motion exercises which helps in stretching and strengthening of the shoulder muscles. You can follow these steps to know more about these exercises - 7 Stretching & Strengthening exercises for a frozen shoulder.

  • TENS - One of the most common forms of electrical stimulation used for pain management is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy, which provides short-term pain relief. Electrical nerve stimulation and electrothermal therapy are used to relieve pain associated with various conditions, including back pain & frozen shoulder.

  • UST - Ultrasound therapy (UST), one of the modalities used to treat frozen shoulder elevates tissue temperature to depths of more than 5 cm causing increased collagen tissue extensibility, pain threshold, and enzymatic activity. It also changes nerve conduction velocity, contractile activity of the skeletal muscle.

  • HP (Hot Pad) - Hot Pad is extremely necessary prior to any frozen shoulder exercise. Always warm up your shoulder before performing your exercises. The best way to do that is to take a warm shower or bath for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use a moist heating pad or a damp towel heated.

  • IFT - Interferential Therapy machines deliver continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue. The stimulation both blocks pain and reduces swelling and inflammation which can cause pain.


Most people start off being very stiff, but, with time and regular practice, their body begins to open up. The blockages get removed and the tightness reduces, as the shoulders become more supple and flexible. So, start off with these simple yoga exercises for frozen shoulders:

  • Loosening Practice - Shoulder Rotation, Neck & Full Arm Movement, Hand Swing Exercises.

  • Paschim Namaskarasana - Stretches the shoulder joints and pectoral muscles. Stretches the upper back.

  • Ustrasan - Stretches and strengthens the front of the body. Relieves the body of lower backache.

  • Purvottasana - Stretches the shoulders, chest and neck, Strengthens the shoulders, back, ankles and wrists.

  • Garudasana - Stretches the shoulders and upper back. Loosens the shoulders and releases any tension in them.

  • Dhanurasana - Opens the chest, neck and shoulders. Good stress buster and fatigue buster.

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We have many successful cases of Frozen Shoulder Treatments - with the combination of Physiotherapy & Ayurveda along with Naturopathy & Yoga, our treatments are excellent in providing pain relief and healing.

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