Work your way our Sugar and control it! This package helps in curbing down sugar levels. 


For Packages more than 7 Days (14 Days or 21 Days) - kindly call us directly or come for consultation. All packages can be customised as per your health condition.


3 Days Package Includes


Abhyangam Reverse  1 Sittings
Udvartanam 1 Sittings
Shirodhara 1 Sittings
Enema 3 Sittings
Nasyam  2 Sittings
Yoga 3 Sittings


7 Days Package Includes (10% Discount)


Abhyangam Reverse  3 Sittings
Udvartanam 2 Sittings
Shirodhara 2 Sittings
Enema 4 Sittings
Nasyam  3 Sittings
Yoga 4 Sittings

Diabetes - Control Your Sugar!

    • Free Health Consultation + Free Weekly Diet Chart will provided by our Doctor along with every package. 
    • Kindly inform about any health ailments during the consult to doctor.
    • All the packages are non refundable and expires post 90 Days of purchase.