This package provides pain relief to joints and muscles and relaxes the nervous system. Specially recommended for sciatica, joint pains, back pain, injury recovering and arthritis clients, among others. 


For Packages more than 7 Days (14 Days or 21 Days) - kindly call us directly or come for consultation. All Packages can be customised as well as per your health condition. 


3 Days Package Includes


Hot Stone Massage  1 Sittings
Swedish Massage 1 Sittings
Janu/Griha/Kati/Uro/Siro Vasti 3 Sittings
Potali Massage  1 Sittings
Physiotherapy 3 Sittings



7 Days Package Includes (10% Discount)



Hot Stone Massage  2 Sittings
Swedish Massage 1 Sittings
Janu/Griha/Kati/Uro/Siro Vasti 7 Sittings
Potali Massage  4 Sittings
Physiotherapy 7 Sittings

Pain Relief

    • Free Health Consultation + Free Weekly Diet Chart will provided by our Doctor along with every package. 
    • Kindly inform about any health ailments during the consult to doctor.
    • All the packages are non refundable and expires post 90 Days of purchase.

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